Letter from a friend :

Beyond the dining room doorsteps, there come the plates. And the cooking is an art, far away from the interrogations about the virtue of the "terroir" or the modernization. Michel Sarran is a cook from those days.

We cannot dislike his definition, talking about his job:" we are sellers of pleasure". Listen to him when he says: "I want my cooking to have a taste, titillate, tickle the palate and if it can create some emotions then my objective is reached and the pleasure is shared". And he speaks truely when he says: "I like to achieve a Latin cooking, drawing my inspiration from my memory drawers, playing with lavender and violette, foie gras and parmesan, rougets and pumpkin, etc..." Born in Saint-Martin d'Armagnac in Gers, Michel Sarran shared his professional journey between the southwest and the Mediterranean coast before installing in Toulouse in 1995.

We said everything goes by two. If there is Michel, it is because Françoise exist. Her natural discretion is a pure delight. Look at her in the dining room, the eye on everything without us knowing it. Françoise is here suddenly at your table for a nice word, just a smile, she is there with grace without forcing you in any ways. She behaves with little touches. But you have to know it; Françoise Sarran is living with a tenacious fear: the one that you can be deceived. It is the proof of her great sensitiveness. We must thank her.

At the Sarran's, a "house spirit" reign, made of respect and friendship, of communion and tolerance. We can say of laughs and complicity.